Manifesting Month

12th- 19th Charka Balancing Healing Week with every essential oil purchased complementary chakra balance.

12th International Earth Chakra Day

19th- Vision diary workshop- with every booking receive a mini reading- Start your 2019 with a vision

26th Australia Day
26th Honour Original land keepers
27th Dance Meditation free community event

Help someone in need month

5th Chinese New year “ Year of the Pig”

9th Magical Potions workshop with every booking to workshop receive free 25ml amber bottle

14th world Love Day

23rd Stress Less Learn how to deal better with Stress and Anxiety in everyday situations

24th Dance meditation free community event

Honour all living creatures month

2nd Honouring you inner Goddess workshop

3rd – World Wildlife day

8th International Women’s day

21st to 22nd Equinox- Amulets and talismans workshop

21st Harmony day

22nd World water day

24th Dance meditation free community event

Random acts of Kindness

13th Mandala - Art as medicine workshop

19th Good Friday

21st Easter Sunday

22nd International Mother Earth Day

28th Dance meditation free community event

29th International dance day

Pay if Forward month
1st Beltane –

11th Mothers day

18th Everyday Magic- learn basic Earth magic

26th Dance meditation free community event

Gratitude Month

6th Queensland day

9th 3 “R” Workshop Relax, Realign and Renew sessions

22nd Solstice- Magical charms Workshop

23rd Dance meditation free community event

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