Long before the birth of science , our ancestors spoke the language of the earth how to connect to the healing and miracles of life.

Earth magic is a general term to encompass techniques and a knowing belief  to guide the exploration and reconnection with creation . Both the physical and the invisible force we call spirit which expresses itself through every being, animal, plant, as well as the base elements of creation  air, water, earth and fire.

Earth magic encourages through ritual and conscious intent the exploration of realities which the modern world has cast aside and is only now rediscovering through the mindfulness paradigm and the exploration of the quantum field.

                                ''As I think and speak I create''(abra cadabra)

Multiple scientific studies now show that by purely observing we influence the outcome .

Hence our thoughts directly influence energy and matter. We are the creators of our world , not some mystical entity in the sky.


      Shamanic Practice
      techniques  explore
  • Reconnecting to guidance through guided meditation.
  • Connecting with personal medicine  and healing.
  • Magic charms , talismans and manifestation rituals.
  • Personal or group workshops.

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